Monday, 27 January 2014

Well, I just can't seem to stop starting new projects......

I did complete one yesterday though (rainbow baby blanket with fancy edging I've not done before) so I don't feel quite so guilty.  Work is being put to the side though and that really must stop.  Promise to self to prioritise work over blankets unfortunately.

However, I did start this new granny square idea I saw online.  I intend to use the colours I saw online in another blanket but you'll get a taster to what I have chosen in the meantime.

Rejects department store in Kirkcaldy has again got a lot of my money.  I'm really not allowed to go back until next pay day.  I found wool similar to this in there.  Had I known I needn't have bought it from the US for more money than I really should've.  Ah well, cannae take it with you.  And it's really really soft.

Need to just get on and complete things now before I start anything new.  Let's see......

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