Monday, 13 January 2014

Well, here is a first step to sharing a bit of my life on the ole information superhighway.

I learnt to crochet from various youtube videos over a year ago, but mostly from Mikeyssmail tutorials.  they are superb and I still re-visit them regularly.

I have wanted to make blankets for years ever since seeing one my mum and nan knitted from parches.    I asked for one from my mum in 2000 when I left to go to uni and she was very keen.  It's now 2014 and she has made 7 squares......

So for a joke I taught myself to crochet to make one square to add to it.  Now, well, I have made a lot of squares put it that way.

I have made a few baby blankets for friends, a range of large patchwork blankets for adults and I'm quite content doing so.  I am keen to try my hand at granny squares however.

I'm in every way a beginner but keen to try.

Oh, and I'm male :p  With a very loving boyfriend and stepdaughter.

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