Monday, 27 January 2014

Well, I just can't seem to stop starting new projects......

I did complete one yesterday though (rainbow baby blanket with fancy edging I've not done before) so I don't feel quite so guilty.  Work is being put to the side though and that really must stop.  Promise to self to prioritise work over blankets unfortunately.

However, I did start this new granny square idea I saw online.  I intend to use the colours I saw online in another blanket but you'll get a taster to what I have chosen in the meantime.

Rejects department store in Kirkcaldy has again got a lot of my money.  I'm really not allowed to go back until next pay day.  I found wool similar to this in there.  Had I known I needn't have bought it from the US for more money than I really should've.  Ah well, cannae take it with you.  And it's really really soft.

Need to just get on and complete things now before I start anything new.  Let's see......

Monday, 20 January 2014

Here are two photos from sitcoms old and new I enjoyed/enjoy.

Project to make four of these n total is in the back of my mind fighting it's way forward quite quickly...

They say change is good.

Well, I have decided to go for something new for a baby blanket for a cousin's upcoming wee one.

I saw a design in an email from All Free Crochet and got to thinking.

Then when out in Kirkcaldy (yes, that place in the news recently, very very sad) and went into Rejects department store and discovered their wool department.  Cheap and excellent range.

I got the wool for this project and another baby blanket I'm working on now.  I have too many projects on the go, but don't we all?

I also have a mah-who-sive list of projects in my head that I want to make that haven't even made the written list yet.

But I digress....

This only the second granny square I have ever made, so I know it is sloppy but hopefully I will improve.

The plan is to keep the green as the outer most colour in each square and alternate the first and second ring colours.  I also have a darker blue to join and edge with.  I'm quite keen to get this done quickly as the end result I can't wait to see.

I saw on a video online that making the inner circles in a big bulk lot is often a good idea.  May have been a Mikeyssmail video now I think of it.  I'm going to use the idea however.  No idea how big I want it to be.  I will just keep at it until I'm happy.

I'm sitting listening to music from the second Hobbit film, my Kindle looking at me waiting for me get reading.  Fell out of the habit properly for too many years but have resolved to get back to a better level of reading.

But here's to my granny square adventure.

PS the amount of times I mis-spelt 'square' in this post was crazy...

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hi there

Well, now I've had some time to think about what I want to put on here, a few photos have been taken and will be uploaded soon.

I spent this morning making a list of the year's projects.  I'm sure many more will be added but we all need to start somewhere.

The first video I ever found when searching how to crochet.   I followed various links down the side to find basic stitch tutorials.  I watch many of his videos and will always see if he has a video tutorial for something new I want to try.  Have not found one for waffle stitch yet.  Fingers crossed.

Attic 24, a blog I look at a lot for some inspiration.  Have several ideas written down I have adapted from pictures posted here.

Below are my completed projects to date.  Some have had borders added since but you get the idea.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Well, here is a first step to sharing a bit of my life on the ole information superhighway.

I learnt to crochet from various youtube videos over a year ago, but mostly from Mikeyssmail tutorials.  they are superb and I still re-visit them regularly.

I have wanted to make blankets for years ever since seeing one my mum and nan knitted from parches.    I asked for one from my mum in 2000 when I left to go to uni and she was very keen.  It's now 2014 and she has made 7 squares......

So for a joke I taught myself to crochet to make one square to add to it.  Now, well, I have made a lot of squares put it that way.

I have made a few baby blankets for friends, a range of large patchwork blankets for adults and I'm quite content doing so.  I am keen to try my hand at granny squares however.

I'm in every way a beginner but keen to try.

Oh, and I'm male :p  With a very loving boyfriend and stepdaughter.