Monday, 20 January 2014

They say change is good.

Well, I have decided to go for something new for a baby blanket for a cousin's upcoming wee one.

I saw a design in an email from All Free Crochet and got to thinking.

Then when out in Kirkcaldy (yes, that place in the news recently, very very sad) and went into Rejects department store and discovered their wool department.  Cheap and excellent range.

I got the wool for this project and another baby blanket I'm working on now.  I have too many projects on the go, but don't we all?

I also have a mah-who-sive list of projects in my head that I want to make that haven't even made the written list yet.

But I digress....

This only the second granny square I have ever made, so I know it is sloppy but hopefully I will improve.

The plan is to keep the green as the outer most colour in each square and alternate the first and second ring colours.  I also have a darker blue to join and edge with.  I'm quite keen to get this done quickly as the end result I can't wait to see.

I saw on a video online that making the inner circles in a big bulk lot is often a good idea.  May have been a Mikeyssmail video now I think of it.  I'm going to use the idea however.  No idea how big I want it to be.  I will just keep at it until I'm happy.

I'm sitting listening to music from the second Hobbit film, my Kindle looking at me waiting for me get reading.  Fell out of the habit properly for too many years but have resolved to get back to a better level of reading.

But here's to my granny square adventure.

PS the amount of times I mis-spelt 'square' in this post was crazy...

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