Sunday, 10 August 2014

So you tube and I get along well. I'm always seeing new things I want to make. I must wait however as I have to much being made to start something new (famous last words?).......

The first is this corner to corner blanket. I think it will be a great one for huddling under when winter arrives.

Corner to corner blanket

The guy doing this tutorial is who I watched when I first learnt to crochet.

The second is this ripple blanket.

Ripple blanket

I enjoyed watching this as I love the Australian accent. There are several tutorials teaching this pattern but I do like this one.

One last video. Sea of Flags. This was played at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony from the next hosts......Australia. I really like it.

I will no doubt end up either starting one of these blankets soon or at least make a tester.


  1. You should try to make a ripple blanket ! it's really addictive ! I like this pattern. Good luck ! Have a nice day.... bonne journée !

  2. I'm the same as Geraldine in you should try a ripple, and as I said before, it is very addictive (like patchwork), but theraputic. Looking forward to see what you get up to next. Take care.

  3. I am going with the other two try a ripple, it is so addictive but as Susan says therapeutic...

  4. Began setting up my classroom today for next week, may need therapeutic ripples lol

  5. The Corner to Corner Blanket is soo much fun! My fav. pattern at the moment! I still love my rainbow c2c blanket and currently I am working on a huge cappuchino coloured one!

    Take care