Monday, 21 July 2014

It is so hot!  Scotland hasn't been this warm in the three years I've lived here.  I shouldn't really complain but phew!  So humid.  I always got humidity down in Essex but not supposed to be so bad up here, however the weather seems to have forgotten this.

I am still making blankets though :)

My other half's is taking shape nicely now.  All the squares are complete, just got to sew them al together.......all 63 of them.....I got a little ambitious when deciding how big to make the blanket.  It will cover his bed nicely but is gonna take me a good few days to get sewn.  I'd really like to give it to him Thursday when I go over for the weekend as it is a very late (or very early now if you look at it another way lol) Christmas present.

I have also been beavering away making the innards of the black edged granny square blankets that will be going out this year as Christmas presents.  Initially I had planned two such blankets (for each of my brothers) but now possibly more...thank goodness I have the school holidays to get a mass of them done.  I am beginning to run out of wool though.  I was just using left over wool, but that is dwindling fast.    

The pound shop do three balls for £2 but limited colours.  I will have to re-tock soon though.

I find the granny square making very relaxing and they work-up so much quicker than more normal blanket squares.  


  1. It is hot here in Canada too and I am preparing winter by knitting things for the family.
    I am looking forward the finished work..

    1. That is my plan too :) though our winters don't get as cold as you. I lived in Quebec for a year and experienced real cold then lol. Miss it ...